April 2, 2020

Trumpet All-Stars: Queen’s "Love of my Life"

NEW EPIC VIDEO! Trumpet All-Stars: Queen's Love of my Life

26 trumpeters from around the world perform Jeff Luke's arrangement of one of my favorite songs, Queen's Love of my Life.

Huge thanks to the amazing Christopher Bill for his video and sound editing skills, creating a beautiful video! And to Jeff Luke for making the arrangement and to all of my friends for giving their time and talents for this!

We hope your day has been brightened!

  • Sergei Nakariakov, International Soloist
  • Jouko Harjanne, International Soloist, Principal Trumpet, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • Tom Hooten, International Soloist and Principal Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic
  • Travis Peterson, Principal Trumpet, Utah Symphony
  • Jose Sibaja, International Soloist, Boston Brass, Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University
  • Jeff Luke, Associate Principal Trumpet, Utah Symphony
  • Nathan Warner, International Recording/Performing Artist and Educator
  • Paul Torrisi, 2nd Trumpet, Utah Symphony
  • Brad Hogarth, Professor, San Francisco State University, Art Haus Collection
  • David Dash, Yamaha Performing Artist, Santa Fe Opera Orchestra, Assistant Professor of Trumpet, UNCSA
  • Tony Prisk, 2nd Trumpet, Philadelphia Orchestra, Lecturer of Trumpet, Peabody Conservatory and Faculty, Temple University
  • Mary Elizabeth Bowden, International Soloist, Seraph Brass, World & European Brass Association, Assistant Professor of Trumpet, Shenandoah Conservatory
  • Mark Inouye, Principal Trumpet, San Francisco Symphony
  • Selina Ott, International Trumpet Soloist, 1st Prize Winner ARD International Music Competition, Schagerl Artist
  • Allan Dean, International Trumpet Soloist, St. Louis Brass Quintet, Professor Emeritus, Yale School of Music
  • Jean Laurenz, Seraph Brass, Assistant Professor of Trumpet, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Music
  • Raquel Samayoa, Seraph Brass, Assistant Professor of Trumpet, University of North Texas College of Music
  • Billy Hunter, Principal Trumpet, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
  • Jennifer Marotta, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Trumpet, University of South California School of Music
  • Otto Sauter, International Soloist, Founder, World & European Brass Association
  • Justin Emerich, Burning River Brass, Associate Professor of Trumpet, Michigan State University College of Music
  • Scott Macomber, San Francisco Opera Orchestra
  • Anthony DiLorenzo, Center City Brass Quintet, Emmy Award winning composer
  • Jeffrey Curnow, Associate Principal Trumpet, Philadelphia Orchestra, Former member of Empire Brass
  • Caeley Niess, United States Navy Band, Seraph Brass guest artist
  • Rex Richardson, International Soloist and Jazz Artist, Professor of Trumpet, Virginia Commonwealth University