Jeff Scott Concerto Consortium

Trumpeter Mary Elizabeth Bowden and composer Jeff Scott present a new collaboration for trumpet and orchestra.
"Scott's Passion for Bach and Coltrane is a riveting and hopeful work that looks back in time into the histories of Western art music, jazz, poetry, and religious figures... But the work is powerfully forward looking: it draws on these past events with an eye on what is still to come, with a heart-full path for how to be in our new work." – The San Francisco Classical Voice
"Ensuring that the evening (didn’t) go too far down the rabbit hole of dark and moody music, 21st century composer Jeff Scott’s Toccata for Clarinet and Piano is a wonderful blend of classical arpeggios blended with jazz motifs. Although his primary instrument is the French horn, Scott has a long history working with jazz and dance ensembles and that rhythmic understanding is at the core of Toccata." – The Coastland Times
“Splendidly played... Radiant in new repertoire for the trumpet (featuring Mary Elizabeth Bowden)... the title track ‘Radiance’ shows just how chaste and radiant a piccolo trumpet can be...” – Gramophone Magazine

I am thrilled to be collaborating with 2024 Grammy Award-winning composer Jeff Scott, whose self-described "Urban Classical Music" is rooted in European traditions and informed by his own African American culture and experience of growing up in a diverse environment with many musical influences.

Jeff Scott is also the former founding french hornist of the internationally acclaimed wind quintet Imani Winds, bringing his immense experience as a performer and innovator who has himself commissioned and premiered countless contemporary works.

This new concerto will be a worthy addition to the classical canon that also reimagines and expands the possibilities of a centuries-old tradition for today's ears. Blues, Jazz, and the American symphonic tradition come together in this soulful work retracing our collective history, and looking ahead to the future. Jeff and I would relish having your orchestra share in this exciting project conceived in response to our 250th American anniversary in 2026.

Project Details (Tentative)

Instrumentation: Solo trumpet;

Duration: 15-17 minutes

Commission Fee: $20,000 total (including engraving); seeking 10-15 partners including lead commissioner TBD

Premiere Performance Rights Exclusivity for Consortium Members: through Spring 2027